Monday, March 16, 2015

Florida Board of Cosmetology Licensure Fee Reductions

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Board of Cosmetology recently approved a permanent reduction in all initial licensure fees, all renewal fees, and some delinquent renewal fees. 

All initial licensure fees will be reduced by 20 percent effective March 17, 2015. Licensees will see a 20 percent reduction in all renewal fees and some delinquent renewal fees beginning with the renewal period ending October 31, 2015.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Want to transfer your out of state license to Florida?

Cosmetology requirements vary from state to state, and it can sometimes be difficult for cosmetology professionals to get new jobs when they move from the state where they trained in and earned their license.

If you have a Cosmetology, Facial or Nail Specialist License in another state or the United States territories of Samoa, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico and have relocated to Florida and wish to transfer your license, you must apply for a license by endorsement and meet the following requirements:

AGE: Specialty registration applicants must be at least 16 years of age or have received a high school diploma.

EDUCATION: All applicants attempting to endorse an out-of-state license must have completed educational hours, comparable or more stringent than those required in Florida.

Florida requires completion of 1200 educational hours for cosmetologists; 500 hours for full specialists; 260 hours for facial specialists and 240 hours for nail specialists.

HIV/AIDS COURSE: Complete a board-approved initial HIV/AIDS course and submit the course completion certificate with your application. The HIV/AIDS course must meet the following:

1.     Be at least four hours long.
2.     Be provided by a Florida Board of Cosmetology Approved CE Provider.
3.     Have been completed within two years prior to submitting an application.

Monique Cosmetique is Board Approved and offers the 4hr Initial HIV/AIDS Course Online for only $40!
OUT-OF-STATE LICENSES: All applicants must provide an official certification(s) of licensure from the cosmetology board under which an individual is or was licensed to practice.

FEE:  Pay a registration fee.

·         Cosmetology- $105
·         Full Specialist- $85
·         Facial Specialist- $85
·         Nail Specialist- $85
You can apply online and pay with a credit card or electronic check. 
You can mail your payment. Include a check payable to the Department of Professional Business Regulation and mail to: 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee FL, 32399.

APPLICATION: Complete the License by Endorsement application for your specialty.

Below are endorsement applications you can download and print.

List of States Meeting Florida Requirements 
State List
South Carolina
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
West Virginia
New Jersey
North Carolina

* If the state in which you are licensed is not included on the above list, yet you have completed at least 1,200 hours of schooling and passed a written exam prior to admittance as a Cosmetologist you may still qualify for licensure by endorsement. You can submit a transcript from your school indicating the number of hours completed and documents verifying passage of a written exam, or a license certification verifying this information.

The information in this blog was from the Florida Board of Cosmetology Website.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What to do if You Have a Delinquent License

If your license is not renewed by the expiration date it will go into a delinquent status.

Licenses can be in delinquent status for up 2 renewal cycles.
If your license is delinquent and you would like to renew and practice again below is the Florida Board of Cosmetology requirements to get currently licensed again. 

If delinquent for one renewal cycle and wish to renew- you must complete one- 16 hour CEU course before paying renewal fees.

If delinquent for two renewal cycles and wish to renew- you must complete two- 16 hour CEU courses (one for each renewal cycle) before paying renewal fees.

Renewal fees will vary depending on how long the license is delinquent and the late fees that accrued. 

For more information about delinquent license status visit the Florida Board of Cosmetology Website. 

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All about Florida Board of Cosmetology CEUS

Florida Board of Cosmetology Requires 16 hrs of Continuing Education every 2 years in order to renew the following license types:

  • Cosmetology
  • Full Specialist 
  • Facial Specialist
  • Nail Specialist 
The classes you take to complete these hours must be approved by the Fl Board of Cosmetology. 
Most CE courses out there are workbooks, if your tired of reading workbooks and want a different learning experience, try Monique Cosmetique's CEU courses. They are affordable, informative and engaging. Our courses are a combination of video lectures, text, links to outside resources, and downloads. 

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